Photo 13 Nov 9 notes After realizing what the after credits of Thor 2 means

After realizing what the after credits of Thor 2 means

Text 13 Nov 5 notes A Change in the Weather 5 (LokixOC)

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kissmyoops111 lol here is another chapter. There are only a few chapter for this story but I hope you’ll like it :)

Just after Odin mobilized the destroyer, he excused himself from the crowd and his children followed him.

Eir, stay in your room.” Odin ordered as he continues to walk towards the room where the frost giants intruded.

"But father I-" Eir insisted only to be cut of.

Eir, please do what father just told you.” Loki interrupted her.

"We do not know their numbers and it is better if you stay."Odin added.

"But I want to help." Eir protested.

"You can stay here but you can’t follow us inside." Odin told her.

"Guards, make sure that no stranger would interact with my daughter." The warriors bowed before Odin and surrounded Eir.

"Alright." Eir peeked as her father and siblings entered the room where the casket of ancient winters is kept. She couldn’t see it clearly and the door immediately closed.

"They think you are weak." Eir heard a woman’s voice said. She looked around to see nothing but men warriors around her.

"Who said it?" She asked sounding rather curious than angry.

"Who said what, princess?" A warrior asked her.

"We didn’t hear anything." Another warrior said.

"Oh, I thought I heard something." Eir said.

"Princess!" This time the voice came from someone she knew. Lifa has been at the end of the corridor and judging from her looks, she had been running around to look for Eir.

Lifa, what are you doing here?” Eir asked her servant.

"I’m afraid you were hurt." Lifa replied who was catching her breath.

"Let me return you to your room where you are most safe." Lifa smiled at Eir.


Eir sat quietly on her bed, thinking about the frost giants that disturbed Thor’s coronation and most importantly, what happened between her and Loki while Lifa was telling her about what the Asgardian think about the intrusion of the frost giants. Her finger unconsciously touched her lips where Loki’s lips landed a few hours ago. It wasn’t the first time a man confessed his feelings towards Eir but it was Eir’s first time to be kissed. She didn’t want to be with left alone with Loki after what happened. Not because she was scared of Loki but she was scared for what will happen to them. Loki was someone who tried to cheer her up whenever she was feeling down, someone she considered not only as a brother but a best friend too. One wrong move and all of it will be gone in a flash.

"Were you listening at all?" Lifa waved her hand in front of the princess.

"Of course." Eir lied as she pushed Lifa’s hand away from her face.

"You cannot fool me, princess. Something else is bothering you." She gave her a knowing smile. 

"The arrival of the frost giant without Heimdal’s knowledge is enough to bother me."

"If that’s all you want to know, I shall leave now princess."

"Wait." Eir said making Lifa stop.

"Did you ever love a man?"

"Love?" Lifa giggled as she sat back again. The princess usually came up with different topics but ‘love’ was rarely a part of it. Lifa was aware that Eir didn’t like to be married yet and her mind was set on other things.

"Yes." Eir nodded.

"What makes you suddenly interested princess? Perhaps it’s the Vanir warrior, Havarth."

"Perhaps." She replied shortly. Asgard would be in complete shock if one of them knew what was happening between her and Loki. Incest was highly frowned upon in their community and their relationship would be a terrible news to their parents. 

"I did." Seeing Eir’s face lit up with curiosity, Lifa took it as a sign to continue. "He was a warrior. A strong one but not as strong as your brothers. He is a charming young man who was willing to do anything to win my heart."

"How did you two meet? What is his name and where is he now?"

"We met in the streets not far from here. He told block my way and immediately asked my hand."

"His name is Garik and apparently he died in the middle of a battle."

"I’m sorry, I even asked."

"Don’t be sorry, princess. I should be thankful . I almost forgot what I felt towards him and telling you about him made me remember. And even if he survived, we won’t end up together."

"Why won’t the two of you end up when together when you seemed to love him back?"

"I do not want more than anything to serve you. You’ve been far too kind and forgiving. If I married him, I won’t be able to do my obligation. Do not contradict me princess, it is my free will that I serve you." Lifa bowed her head before leaving Eir inside her chamber.


Eir was roaming around the palace hoping to see her brothers. She heard that the frost giants were already killed by the destroyer so she do not need to worry about her father and brother’s safety. What made her worry was about Thor’s feeling towards the disruption of his awaited coronation.

"Wait." She runs toward the warrior three and Sif as she saw them walking in the corridor.

"Have you seen my brothers?" She asked them hoping that they knew where her brothers were.

"We’re on our way to see Thor." Sif responded.

"Would you like to come?" Volstagg offered her and she gladly accepts.

As Sif, Hogun, Volstagg, Fandral and Eir arrived inside the room where Thor was suppose to be dinning but instead of finding him eating, they found the table and foods lying on the floor. Loki glanced at Eir as she entered the room. Their eyes met for seconds, making Eir’s heart skipped a beat as she remembered what just happened before the coronation but she quickly turned her head in another direction while Loki continued to speak with his brother. Thor and Loki seemed to be having a conversation which Eir guessed was about Thor’s coronation. Volstagg interrupted them as he heard the word ‘madness’ escape from Loki’s mouth. Eir listened carefully and was surprised to hear Thor’s plan. She could feel Loki’s gaze on her again but she decided not to entertain it while Fandral disagreed with his plan.

"Johtenheim? It’s suicidal and the attack of those frost giants doesn’t mean all of them deserve this wrath of yours." Eir added before Thor could say anything else.

"Eir, when will you get that not everything should be forgotten easily and a lesson is necessary to be taught to those monsters?" Thor crossed his arms.

"I’m not telling you to forget it. I know you’re angry and it is not wise for anyone to do anything while they are angry." She told him.

"Eir is right. Stop this Thor while you still can." Loki advised. Eir could feel her heart beats faster, unsure of what she was feeling at the moment. Thor wasn’t fazed when his siblings disagreed and tried to convince the warrior three and Sif as he complimented them.

"You either stay here or leave with me to Jotenheim." With that being said, Thor headed out. Sif looked at Eir and Loki before following Thor and the warrior three mirrored her action.

"Stay." It didn’t sound as a request but a command from Loki.

"Stay and be worried whether my brothers and friends will come back safe and sound? I do not think so." She raised her voice. She was tired of being left behind and having a trip to Jotenheim wouldn’t do anything good to them.

"Get your weapon and stay behind me all the time." He sighed in defeat.

"Thank you." She whispered as she left to take her weapon which was an ax with a long golden haft. It was rarely used by Eir and even if she did use it, she made sure that she wouldn’t end up killing anyone. Their trip to Jotenheim might change that and blood would be shed.


Eir was thankful that Loki didn’t say anything about their moment before the coronation but she could still feel him glancing at her once in a while as they travel towards the Bifrost. She was nervous to what might happen to them and especially to what their parents would think once they knew that the three of them left to Jotenheim. It would be her first time to use the Bifrost without having her father with her. Their parents were very protective of Eir to the point that she would only be able to use the bridge if she were accompanied by Odin. Reaching the Bifrost, Thor was the one who first got down from the horse while Eir was the last one.

"Leave this to me." Loki said as he approached Heimdal. He was just starting the conversation with the gatekeeper but it turns out that Heimdal already knew their plan, making Loki’s action useless.

"Enough." Thor interjected and asked Heimdal if they could pass. Heimdal did as he was also curious how the frost giants got into Asgard without his knowledge.

"What happened? Silver tongue turn to lead?" Volstagg joked which made everyone laughed except from Eir. It was very rare that Loki’s ability won’t work to anyone and she knew that Loki was proud of his unique ability. Failing to use his ability on someone even if it was merely a joke would hurt her brother somehow. Her hand as if it has a life of its own, fled toward Loki’s back and tried to soothe him. Loki was caught off guard with Eir’s action but before he could react, Eir headed towards the Bifrost until Heimdal blocked her way.

"What?" Thor asked before Eir could even protest.

"The princess could not leave Asgard without the king’s company."

"My parents wouldn’t allow this journey if they know of this plan of ours and yet you tell me that you would not allow me to go to Jotenheim because they wouldn’t let me leave Asgard without my father?"

"The king strictly told me that the princess can’t leave Asgard without his knowledge."

"Fine, I won’t do it but let me watch them leave at least?" Eir pleaded as she tried to make Heimdal feel trusting to her. It was difficult knowing Heimdal’s ability but she knew she had to try.

"If that’s what you wish, my princess." Heimdal let her pass and started to enter his sword which was the key in opening the Bifrost. The warrior three, Sif, Thor and Loki gave her an apologetic look as they heard that she can’t go with them in Jotenheim. Heimdal told them before opening the bridge that if their returned ever threatened Asgard, he wouldn’t let them return which made Eir more nervous. Thor obviously won’t back down neither the three warriors, Sif and Loki. As the bridge opened, Eir watched them gone from her sight and soon before the bridge closed, Eir ran as fast as she could and followed them on their way to Jotenheim.

It was fast and Eir was lucky that she made it in time or else she would be left alone worrying about her brothers and friends. She was the last one to arrive and telling by the look of her companion’s faces, they were all surprised.

"What? I am also capable of making tricks." She shrugged. It was very rare for Eir to lie and so everyone who caught her doing it was amused that even the nice princess was capable of deceiving others.

"Let’s move." Thor ordered as he started to lead them.

"Stay behind me." Loki reminded Eir. She held her ax tighter feeling the coldness of the place and stayed behind Loki. Eir’s eyes wandered around the cold foreign place, looking for any sign of the frost giants that might attack them at any time.

"Where are they?" Sif asked.

"Hiding as cowards always do." Thor replied.

"You’ve come a long way to die Asgardians." A voice said making Eir get goosebumps. She had never met a frost giant before and meeting them in their territory wasn’t a good idea at all.

"I am Thor Odinson." Thor announced.

"We know who you are." The voice replied.

"How did your people get into Asgard?" Thor demanded an answer from the frost giant.

"The house of Odin full of traitors." What the frost giant said made Eir raised her eyebrow.Traitors? Eir didn’t know if there could be any traitors in Asgard. All the warriors that are residing in the castle were loyal to the king Eir was quite sure about it. Liar, she thought.

"Do not dishonor my father’s name with your lies." Thor retorted.

"Your father is a murderer and a thief. And why have you come here? To make peace? You long for battle. You crave for it. You’re nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man."

The frost giants started to surround the seven of them which made it harder for Eir to focus. She’d been in battles and she knew how different this battle is between them and the frost giants.

"Well this boy has grown tired of your mockery." Thor told the frost giant. Feeling what was about to happen, Loki stepped in.

"Thor, stop and think. Look around you, we’re outnumbered." Loki told Thor.

"Know your place, brother." Thor, being his stubborn self, resisted.

"We are in their territory Thor which means that they have the advantage over us." Eir said hoping that Thor would listen to her.

"You know not what your actions would unleash. I do. Do now while I still allow it." Laufety said. A frost giant walked in front of Thor.

" We will accept your most gracious offer." Loki said as he gave Thor’s shoulder a pat. Loki headed back and Thor was about to follow him when a frost giant spoke.

"Run back home, little princess."With that being said, Thor smirked.

"Damn." Loki muttered then Thor smashed Mjoylnir to the frost giant. Loki stood in front of Eir, raising a protective arm over his sister. Eir saw the three warriors, Sif, Thor and Loki fought the frost giants while she only watched them. "If you are thinking of fighting forget it!" Loki yelled as he threw knives to the frost giants who was running towards them.

"You are weak." The voice that she heard before spoke again.

"No, I’m not weak." Eir murmured as she tried to manipulate a few frost giants’ emotion who are in surrounding them. A frost giant headed towards her and Loki was caught up with some frost giants. It only took a few seconds until the speed of the frost giants slowed down. Eir took advantage of the situation as her plan of making them feel drained of energy. She swung her ax to the frost giant’s chest leaving it almost dead. She wanted to finish the giant but killing the frost giant would seem useless since the frost giant was already badly injured.

"Eir! What are you doing?"

"I’m helping!" She cried as she swung her weapon again to hit another frost giant but the frost giant blocked it with his arm. Eir was going to kick the frost giant but the frost giant punched her in the stomach which made her flew to the wall made of ice. If she wasn’t wearing her armor, she could have been seriously hurt. The frost giant followed her but before he could reach her, a knife was thrown to him.

"So this is your way of helping?" Loki mocked Eir as he helped her stand up.

"I’m just trying to help." She reasoned.

"Instead of trying to get yourself killed, continue using your ability towards the giants, you’ll make it easier for us." Loki spoke gently as if he was speaking to a child while he cupped Eir’s face. Eir quickly felt the effect of Loki’s touch to her but Loki didn’t see it as he immediately returned fighting with the giants.Focus.Eir did what as she was told to but only a few frost giants seemed to be affected which wasn’t a surprise. Her energy was running thin and her body wasn’t used to using too much power.

"Don’t let them touch you." Volstagg warned them seeing the effect of the Frost giant’s touch on his skin. Eir looked at Volstagg who was injured and quickly ran to him and see if he was alright.

Eir was lost in Loki’s sight which caused him to be distracted. The frost giant saw it as an opportunity and touched Loki’s arm. Loki was surprised as he felt the hand of the giant on his skin and what even surprised him more was his skin turned blue. It wasn’t just Loki who was surprised but the frost giant who touched him. Seeing the look on his enemy’s face, Loki killed him. His arm slowly turned to its original color, shock to what he was seeing.

After being assured that Volstagg was alright, Eir run back to Loki who was looking at his arm with bewilderment. “Loki, are you alright?” She asked concerned about her brother. Loki only looked at Eir as he slowly nodded his head.

"Go!" Volstagg screamed as a big creature controlled by the frost giants came to life. Eir took Loki’s wrist and run as fast as she could as she see the creature run after the seven of them. They stopped as they thought the creature fell from the ice where they had been running but as it stood in front of them, Thor managed to kill the creature by passing through its mouth which Eir finds to be disgusting.

The battle wasn’t over yet, frost giants started to surround them just like before but this time they were at a big disadvantage since Fandral and Volstagg were both injured and Eir was almost out of energy.

We’re dead, she thought grimly. Before either of them launch their attack, a man riding a horse appeared out of the sky.

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Text 11 Nov 4 notes A Change In The Weather 4 (LokixOC)

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone except from my OC.

Eir woke up early to prepare herself from her brother’s coronation. Valhalla has been busy for months in preparing for the occasion and Eir was happy for his brother that the coronation day has finally come. Eir asked her servants to leave her room and they did so. She watched her reflection in the mirror as she thought of her siblings. It only seemed yesterday where they only had so little responsibilities on their hands but now, Asgard would fall into the hands of Thor.

"You’re already beautiful." She gasped as she heard a voice behind her. After realizing that she wasn’t alone, she looked at the intruder.

"It’s rude not to knock before entering someone else’s room." She stood from her seat and looked at Loki, crossing her arms.

"I’ve been knocking on the door but there has been no response so I entered." Loki dead panned.

"Oh… I was just thinking." Eir uncrossed her arms.

"So you’re now the thinker, Eir the merciful?" Loki teased. Eir opened her mouth to speak when suddenly the siblings heard a loud knock on the door. The door opened quickly and Fandral appeared. He was surprised that Loki was in the room. His eyes shifted from Loki to Eir.

"I’m sorry." He said heading out of Eir’s room.

"What is it, Fandrall?" Eir walked towards Fandral, wondering what was his reason for coming into her room.

"I was about to invite you to come with me, Volstagg, Hogun and Siff before the coronation. I thought that you’ll be alone." Fandral said. Eir wasn’t as close as Thor with Sif and the three warriors but they get along pretty well. Eir was closest to Fandral among them. If she wasn’t with Loki, she was probably spending her time with Fandral or the warriors three and Sif.

"I’ll come. The more the merrier. " She smiled at Fandrall seeing his mood lighten up then she turned to see Loki. "Will you come, brother?"

"Of course." He nodded, trying to smile. He didn’t have any choice but to come or be alone while waiting for the coronation to be held. Fandral led the way to the room where he, Volstagg, Hogun and Sif were staying. They greeted each other but minutes later it was just Eir and Fandral talking while Loki just listened to their conversation. He could tell Eir was trying to get him into their conversation but he wasn’t much interested conversing with Fandral. Not able to take it long, Loki left the room. He asked Eir if she felt anything towards Fandral and luckily, Eir said that she only saw him as another brother. He leaned on the window, seeing Asgardians doing whatever that they have to do. What caught his attention was a couple. They seemed to be happy, holding each others’ hand. A thought quickly popped into his mind, could he and Eir be ever a couple? He tried to transfer his feelings to another woman but no matter how hard he tried, it was always Eir. He clenched his fist and walked away.


Eir saw her brothers talking with each other and before they could even see her, she hid behind a column. She can’t hear what they were saying but she can feel that they were spending a brotherly time before the coronation. Loki’s jealousy won’t get in the line between the brothers, Eir knew that Loki’s love for Thor is more . She believed that she loved her brothers equally but that wasn’t true. It wasn’t fair for Thor but she thought that Thor has received enough love from others trying to ease her guilt. She watched the brothers stood together and when she saw Loki about to leave, she headed towards them.

"Brothers!" Eir greeted them enthusiastically.

"Eir. We should get going, our brother wanted to be alone." Loki put his hand on Eir’s shoulder.

"You can go. I just have something to tell our elder brother." Eir gently pushed Loki’s hand.

"I shall be waiting in the hallway."Loki said as he leaves.

"Sister." Thor grinned. Eir pull Thor into a tight embrace. His brother wasn’t known in showing his emotions but the coronation was something really big that Thor looked forward to since he was a child.

"Thor, King of Asgard. It fits you well." Eir whispered.

"Thank you." Thor pulled away, appreciating Eir’s words.

"That feather on your helmets fits you as well." Eir pointed Thor’s helmet and they both laugh. Thankfully, Eir didn’t have to wore any helmet like her brothers.

"I have to warn you that someone might try to get you out from the throne."


"I’m not sure. I felt a very strong feeling of being envious last two days ago. I don’t know whether that person is jealous of you or the person has another reason to be jealous. Be careful."

"I always am."

"And also please do remember that I’ll be always be of your assistance not only as a sister but a humble servant to the king. I’ll go now. Good luck." Eir gave her brother a pat on his back before going after Loki. Thor wasn’t the one to express his feelings, Eir was aware of that. What she said to him was enough to know that he had her on his side.

Eir walked into the hallway, her eyes quickly scanned for her brother. Loki was leaning casually on the wall. The expression on his face was unreadable, Eir wasn’t sure if Loki was alright with Thor’s coronation.

"Brother are you alright?" Eir held her brother’s arm gently. Loki got out from his deep thought as he heard Eir’s voice accompanied by her gentle touch.

"What is it?" He asked as he looked at her.

"Your mind seemed to be in another world." Eir stated. Loki didn’t respond to what seemed like minutes.

"Follow me." He started to walk away and Eir quickly followed him.

"Brother where are we going? The coronation would begin soon." Eir reminded him.

"It won’t take long I promise." Eir believed what Loki said while she followed him. She always trusts Loki because she knew that Loki wasn’t capable of hurting her. As they both continue to walk, they reached a hallway where no guards can be found.

"Loki?" She asked looking around.

"Close your eyes." Loki slowly pushed her back on the wall.

"It’s not the time to fool around." She told him.

"Trust me." He whispered and she did. She was expecting her brother to show her something that would delight her like he always did.Perhaps another short travel? But what about Thor’s coronation?Her mind couldn’t guess what was to come until she felt lips pressed on hers. She immediately opened her eyes, her heart raced. She can’t move or say anything, seeing her brother kiss her. Her brother slowly pulled away from the kiss and opened his green eyes. She couldn’t understand what happened then a sudden emotion entered her. It wasn’t a familiar emotion she felt but it made her feel like kissing Loki again but she knew that it was wrong. Loki cupped her cheek with his hand, searching for any reaction other than getting Eir off guard.

"W-why?" She stammered.

"Can’t you see it? I cared too much for you. I love you more than a brother would love his little sister." Eir couldn’t think of anything. Her mind was still overwhelmed by the kiss and her power wasn’t making anything easier. She doesn’t know if what she was feeling was coming from her or from Loki.

"Loki, this is a mistake." She whispered.

"Mistake?" He laughed without any humor. He was aware that what he was feeling was a mistake that it’ll put them in a terrible situation if someone ever discover that he loved Eir not as a sister but a lover, his parents would be in rage. "Eir you have no idea, how long I’ve held myself back. This mistake has been made the moment you are born as my sister. “

"We can’t do this. Our parents would be furious." Beside sneaking out and breaking a few harmless rules, Eir wouldn’t dare do a taboo. "Besides I don’t love you. Not in the way you think, at least." She could feel tears ready to escape her eyes.

"Don’t lie to me, Eir." Loki said in a hoarse whisper. He wrapped his arms around her waist. "If you see me more than a brother just say so. They don’t have to find out." He held her tighter and Eir can’t do or say anything. Did what she said was a lie? Did she want Loki more than a brother?

"Princess Eir! Prince Loki! The coronation shall begin!" The siblings heard voices not far from them, making Loki lose his grip on Eir. Grabbing the opportunity, Eir pushed Loki and ran as fast as she could away from her brother.


Eir arrived at the throne room earlier than Loki. Everyone was already set and she gave an apologetic look to her parents. It wasn’t long until Loki arrived, standing opposite to her. There wasn’t any trace of anything about what happened earlier while Eir was the opposite. She was still jittery despite trying to look calm and happy. Thor arrived, raising Mjolnir and Eir watched him. Even if she was watching Thor, hundreds of scenarios entered her mind about her and Loki.Do I really love Loki? It doesn’t matter. He is my older brother. He is your brother. Don’t do anything stupid,she thought. She had been trying to convince herself that she wouldn’t do anything since Loki was her brother while Odin started to speak. What Odin was saying to Thor seemed like a whisper to her even if his voice was booming around the throne room. What caught her attention was when Odin stopped talking and heard words she hasn’t heard for a very long time.Frost giants.

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Why is there no Men In Black fandom what the fuck is wrong with the world

I’m starting a Men In Black fandom right now.

This is happening.

There’s always been a Men In Black fandom


you just don’t remember them


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This moment was one of the most important moments in their history.

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it makes me sad that over 100,000 people can relate to this



Why don’t my parents realize this

forever reblogging

feeling bad for making this gif because so many people know what its relevance is



However, we complain that “oh school is tough” but if you lived in China, the pressure would be literally doubled. So you actually have it relatively easy.

that doesn’t mean it’s not still rough dude

And South Korea has one of the highest teen suicide rates out there in relation to school, so us Australians/Americans/English people do actually have it fairly easy


Just because china has it “tougher” doesn’t make it any easier for us. What you said was pointless. We still have what we have and we still have to go through what we go though. Ok comments like that piss me off









it makes me sad that over 100,000 people can relate to this



Why don’t my parents realize this

forever reblogging

feeling bad for making this gif because so many people know what its relevance is



However, we complain that “oh school is tough” but if you lived in China, the pressure would be literally doubled. So you actually have it relatively easy.

that doesn’t mean it’s not still rough dude

And South Korea has one of the highest teen suicide rates out there in relation to school, so us Australians/Americans/English people do actually have it fairly easy


Just because china has it “tougher” doesn’t make it any easier for us. What you said was pointless. We still have what we have and we still have to go through what we go though. Ok comments like that piss me off

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What the fuckery is this? 


Umm… Don’t do this to us.


Whovians forever

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Photo 8 Nov 9 notes Seeing your friend’s reaction after making them watch your favorite show

Seeing your friend’s reaction after making them watch your favorite show

Photo 8 Nov 17 notes When someone asked questions about solving mathematical problems…

When someone asked questions about solving mathematical problems…

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